6 Advanced Link Building Strategies That Your Competitor Doesn’t Want You to Know

Ranking on Google’s first page without a proper SEO link building strategy is arduous, and there’s a high chance that your website won’t rank well. According to Google, links are the number one ranking factor for websites along with top-notch content.

Recently, Google updated its algorithm by adding Penguin Spam Filter into its Core Algorithm. As a result, link building has become a bit more complicated and risky, especially if you don’t do it right. No, we are not talking about black hat or white hat SEO link building techniques; there’s no wrong strategy for link building. We are talking about balancing your link building strategy to meet Google’s standards.

You can use the following advanced link building strategies to gain SERP traction without relying on a link building SEO company.

1. Use the Skyscraper Tactic

One of the best SEO linking building strategies that are gaining a lot of traction is the skyscraper tactic. It works on the principle that content’s quality is just as crucial as its originality. Your goal with the skyscraper tactic is to produce content that is ten times better than the content that is already ranking on Google or other search engines. This makes your content more likely to be backlinked by other companies or influencers that are browsing through Google using your keywords.

As per the Skyscraper tactic, you need to first shortlist the top-ranking content on Google or other search engines using the right target and related keywords. You then have to analyze the content meticulously and figure out how you can improve it.

Essentially, you have to find any lapses of quality in the said content. You can try to improve various components of the content, like adding SEO images, data, videos, case studies, etc.—anything that makes the content better, and publish it on your platform. This is an incredible way to improve your ranking without relying on SEO marketing services.

2. Publish Original Research

Backlinking is an essential SEO marketing tool, but not all blogs and articles often get backlinked. There’s just too much content on Google that is similar that your probability of getting backlink decreases. The solution? You need to produce content that is not only unique but also useful.

You need to produce original research-based content like papers, case studies, surveys, hypotheses, etc. Promote such content, and other websites will gladly link your studies that are relevant to the industry.

Don’t worry if your findings aren’t popular, results and opinions that challenge most people’s assumptions might earn you even more links as they try to counter your argument with theirs.

3. Build a Link Pyramid

Backlinks are one of the best link building strategies for SEO to boost your website rankings, making them a backbone of SEO marketing strategies. What if we told you there is a way to make your backlinking process even more effective? You need to deploy a link pyramid, often referred to as a tiered backlinking strategy. Here’s how a link pyramid works.

When your page gets a backlink from another authoritative page, its ranking or page authority (PA) increases. And when the authoritative backlinking page gets more backlinks, your backlinked page earns even more PA.

We know it sounds confusing, but here’s how you can deploy a link pyramid. Develop a tiered structure like a pyramid with each tier containing backlinks of decreasing quality, like:

Tier 1: High-quality backlinks from credible websites pointing directly to your website or content

Tier 2: Medium-quality backlinks from officials blogs, social networks, and wikis linking to Tier 1 content

Tier 3: Low-quality backlinks from unique domains obtained from verified GSA lists linking to Tier 2 content

This will allow the lower-quality links (Tier 3) to mimic the ranking of higher-quality links while also lowering the risk of any penalties. Many marketers and link building SEO service agencies believe that link pyramids are quintessential black hat strategies, but there’s nothing wrong with them. White hat or black hat SEO link building tags don’t matter as long as you use them correctly. Both practices can give the best results without affecting your company’s brand credibility.

4. Produce Abundant Content

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk, you may already know this tactic. Producing abundant content is one of the best yet underrated SEO link building techniques that you can use. Here, you have to produce a ton of content in multiple formats. Here’s how you can do that.

First, create long-form pillar content, like a blog or a podcast. Next, create contextual short-form content like emailers, mini-articles, memes, images, social media posts, etc. and link them back to the pillar content.

This is one of those techniques or practices that give you the ability to produce a lot of content based on just one idea. Do remember to create a content schedule and avoid spamming the links to your pillar page; make the links relevant and well-spaced-out for the best impact on your page ranking.

5. Use Ego Baits

Influencers and thought-leaders have tremendous reach, but getting backlinks from them can be difficult. The solution? Appeal to their ego to get SEO building links to your content. You can do this with ego baits, that is, targeted sharing.

The most effective marketing solution to use target baits is by creating content with references to the influencers or thought leaders (including their website or social media links). Next, once the content is live, start sharing it on social media and tag the influencers and thought-leaders. If they go through your content and like what you have to say, they will share your content on their platforms, earning your website incoming traffic.

You can use various SEO link building websites that allow you to find influencers, such as Awario, Followerwonk, or Klear.

6. Reclaim Your Links

Over time, your backlinks can get broken or removed. So, use the Broken Link Checker Chrome extension to discover such broken links. You can then reach out to the website or brand and ask them to add updated links to the anchor texts.

You can also use an SEO link building service like Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer to find any unlinked mentions of your website on the internet. Once you find any unlinked mentions, use the same outreach method and ask them to link the mentions.

This may seem like a small step in your company’s vast SEO linking strategy, but you’d be surprised to find just how many of your website’s unlinked mentions or obsolete backlinks exist on the internet that you can take advantage of.

SEO linking space is competitive. If you want to stand out from the crowd, improve your brand’s PA and ranking, you need to start using such advanced SEO linking techniques. Don’t think if a tactic is a white hat or black hat when it comes to SEO marketing and link building; there is nothing like that. Any tactic can work for you as long as you use it the right way and don’t spam the internet with irrelevant content. After all, when it comes to SEO link building best practices are the ones that most marketers don’t use.

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